" Non-Killing Vow is Great Indeed "

All are of one Self-fraternity.

Such being the dictum to avow,

In such a light how can we take life,

And devoid of least pity, go on to eat?

• • •

The non-killing vow is great indeed,

And, greater still, not-eating to observe;

All in all, should we not say, 0 men of righteousness,

Even to this amounts the essence of all religions?

• • •

If killing were applied to oneself,

Who, as a favour, would treat such a dire destiny?

As touching all in equality, 0 ye wise ones,

Should that not be our declaration for a regulated life?

• • •

No killer would there be if no other to eat there was -

Perforce, himself must eat!

In eating thus abides the cruder ill

In that it killing makes.

• • •

Not-killing makes a human good -

Else an animal's equal he becomes.

No refuge has the taker of life,

Although to him all other goods accrue.

Source: " Life and Teachings of Narayana Guru" by Nataraja Guru

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